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Sreekaram Movie Review – DPVEU

Sharwa has paired up with priyanka (gang leader fame) under the direction of debutant kishor to deliver emotionally driven farming background film. It has generated a lot of buzz in recent times, thanks to the promotions led by tollywood stars and politicians. Lets see our opinions and review of this emotional and thought provoking drama..

Sharwa is a software engineer who works in Hyderabad, priyanka his colleague who admires and tries to make him fall for her. Though Sharwa is an engineer but he is always passionate about farming and resign his job to do farming in his village.He wants to make other farmers also to return to fields. What are the troubles he faced during farming? Did he achieve his goal? Rest should be seen on screen.


Sharwa was perfect as passionate agriculturist he manages to pull of the role with ease. His chittoor dialect was impressive.

Priyanaka was good in her role as an ideal lover/ partner who can go for any extent for her loved ones.

Rao ramesh, naresh were good in thier roles. Sai kumar as antagonist who tries to take lands from farmers was good but not upto the mark.

Director kishor makes a decent debut. Although the story is quite regular but he added enough emotions to it to make it grand.

Music by mickey j is impressive some songs just lifts up the mood of the movie

Production values were good and cinematographer succeeded in showing fields beautifully.

Dialogues by sai madhav burra needs a special applause here.


Good story with emotions
Dialogues and Songs
Shawa as passionate agriculturist


Unnecessary drag in love track
Routine story

Rating:- 2.75/5

Final Verdict:-

Sreekaram has got some good emotions and will not disappoint you so go and give a watch.

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