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SyeRaa NarasimhaReddy Review – DPVEU

After huge efforts of more than 2 years & lavish budget spent #SyeRaa hits theatre today with good expectations The movie is all about the Unsung fighter from our land who was one of very first freedom fighter to revolt against Britishers
• Movie starts with Jhansi Lakshmi Bai narrating about Narasimha Reddy to inspire her generation • Director Surender Reddy perfectly takes good time to build up the story to audience • There are many ‘Shirt Chinchey Mama’ Scenes where whole theatre would go Ga-Ga for • One would definitely have tears in Climax and this will be a huge connect with audience watching • A true patriotic FILM
M-E-G-A S-T-A-R • Justifying High budget with great production values • Top Notch interval & Post internal • Emotional Climax • All leads Performance’s ( Amitabh to Tamannaah ) • Editing, ScreePlay, Cinematography
• 404 Error not found Verdict – SUPER HIT’u BOMMA HIT’u When a commercial film like Khaidi150 could cross 100Cr Now,let’s left to your imagination where would SyeRaa land at ! Rating – ???? 4/5FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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