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The detailed analysis of the masterpiece : super Deluxe

This isn’t a review it’s an analysis. So, be prepared for all the spoilers ahead and If you haven’t watched the film yet plz skip this article asap and watch film and then check this article. Thank You.

Super Deluxe is the second outing for the director Thyaagarajan Kumararaja(TK) after a cult-classic movie and that too after a long gap of 7 years after Aaranya Kaandam.

This film is written by four directors (including the director himself). This Collaboration is similar to the plot itself. Which has all the minute details and moments which has their own story but has a story when you see it on the whole.

Coming to the performances everyone rocked from the child Raasukutti, Greedily Lustful Police officer, Samantha, Fahad, Ramya Krishna Ma’am, Mysskin and the star Vijay Sethupathi who never bothers to act whatever the role it is by breaking the barrier of heroes being larger than life characters.He also proved that heroes can also represent the common individuals who are deprived, struggling in this biased society. Hoping him to see in more of these roles for oppressed voices.

This movie discusses Principles, Ethics, Values and restrictions that are made by ourselves and are forced on us to follow and to keep up the pace along with the society by just keep following but not to disturb the flow or the world that we live in and also not to judge the ones (who made those rules).

There’s no particular tone or genre that you can give to Super Deluxe but it has a whacky screenplay with some coincidental moments which are actually not. It also discusses about Life and acceptance with honest dialogues.

Kumararaja also did some hard hitting discussions on issues like Porn, Faith in Religion, Caste, addiction, identity crisis etc. After watching the film If you are a believer in God, I won’t say you will change your belief on him or not but Super Deluxe surely Disturbs you.

There’s an Alien in this film through which director explains about Perspectives and how we control our life. I noticed there’s something beyond what he also said. It is about addiction. From the beginning of the film it self students who are just out of high school wants to watch the porn and with the series of events happened to them they will meet a female alien who undresses her self. At that point of time one of the students (Gaaji) stands infront of that alien and knows that he is about to commit a mistake and has guilt that he is already in love with someone but he wants to commit that sin that’s what addiction is. And after that alien goes through his mind and his twin appears beside himself.

This is nothing but analogy that if we commit a sin consciously we ourselves leave a part of our heart/soul/spirit whatever you call to that. But you can’t overcome that feeling or maybe it takes time to heel with a scar left on us.

This film also discusses about couples and their relationship. With Fahad and Samantha’s relationship how a forced marriage effects relationship between husband and wife. Samantha’s Character breaks the norm that a married woman can do any character not only the typecast roles.

Also this movie discusses about being in wrong shoes with transgender Shilpa played by Vijay Sethupathi also his relationship with his wife Gayatri and son Raasukutti (My Favourite from the film). Also it discusses about Faith and Religion and aspect through Mysskin and Perspectives issue through Ramya Krishna is another level which I don’t have words to express. Ramya Krishna acts as an Actor who acts in Porn films who generally does honourable mother roles. Thyaagarajan Kumararaja seems to be played like an ace the cast and crew.

There’s this specific scene in Super Deluxe where,when Kids see the transgender they automatically starts abusing her and another kid who sits beside and questions his father about what the other kids are calling transgender and that kid wants to know the meaning of those words but father just beats him to keep him calm.

Nevertheless that kid will definitely know the meaning of the word in any other way which may be a bad way also But I think we ourselves should able to explain whatever the question our kid asks without skipping to answer that question

Because as a Parent one day or the other you should be able to answer because ethics and values can be taught only by Parents and teachers. Because Society mostly teaches u bad rather than good.

Which Vijay Sethupathi does to his child while he about to eat Beeda.

There are also some scenes which are a like slapping on the Society’s face while Students watching porn and what if the actor is related to his own. Will u able to see porn again ? Will u judge them ? Though at the end we are told that the actors who act in porn are nothing different from working in office for salary, We still be disturbed.

At the end of the day whether you live the life with Ethics and Values or not.You live on your own right and interest.

Watch Super Deluxe As soon as Possible. As we already missed an ace film like Aaranya Kaandam in theatres. It’s time to give back.

In the end,if I have to rate this film I’ll go with a 5/5.

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