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The new intense trend in tollywood

It’s been a good time for intense raw films in recent times In Tollywood following the trend of Arjun reddy and Rx100 we are going to witness a raw and rustic village backdrop film on screens as natakam In this concern let’s see the intense trend in tollywood happening now a days . *Arjun reddy* – The game changer Rey amit….!!! Ee dialogue ki hall lo dubbing chepani vaalu untara evarinaa alanti impact AR di vijay acting sandeep vanga raw and bold taking preethi good looks tho cinema oo range hit andukundi. AR ante kevalam romance leda attitude kadu it’s all about pain of a love failure *Rx100*- An eye opener The second film in this trend continues to portray raw and intense taking but what makes it special is payal rajput acting skills ,karthikeya expressions and story dealing of director made this film a fresh one to a apart. Iam sure that climax of film gave you enough goosebumps 3.Natakam – A true event Third and ready to release film for this weekend is natakam. So what makes this film different from rest of two is an unique story written by debutant director. Ee film Dop Anji Garuda vega lo manaku chupinchina visuals evarina marchipoy untara. Cinema mothani thana camera lo beautiful ga capture chesaru andulonu village backdrop. Ee cinema lo ippati daaka release ayina songs ani super hit ayyay ante aa credit antha offscreen hero kartheek di. Ippatiki tana work tho manaku eno humming tunes ichadu and as of always he impressed us a lot again And to give a note, this is not a comparision this an analysis of intense trend in tollywood meeru cinema ki velandi chudandi bayataku vachaka euphoria carry cheskuntu vastaru…! Endukante jaruthunadijaga’NATAKAM’??FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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