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Things You Should Know Before Watching Infinity War – DPVEU

Things you should know before watching Infinity War Welcome to my Pre-Synopsis about one of the most anticipated movie ever AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR.Right from Avengers Assemble(2012) where Thanos appeared on the screen for the first time in the post-credits scene Expections for Infinity war keeps on rising from then.In order to watch Infinity you have to watch 18 MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies.But for the people who didn’t watched any MCU movie before but excited about infinity war by seeing its hype and Trailers/Tv spots. Here are the few things you should know about MCU: Thanos: He is the most powerful antagonist in the Entire MCU. His only desire to wipe out the civilization of half universe and he can do that only if he gets all the infinity stones,he posseses a metal glove like thing called infinity Gauntlet which has ability to hold all the infinity stones in it giving him capability to use the powers of infinity stones
1.THE SPACE STONE(Blue): The holder of space stone can have control over space and can create portals to join to distant parts of universe just like wormholes.Space is also know an tesseract this was first shown in Captan America :The first avenger when it will be lost in a ice glacier during a plane crash and then later recovered by Govt agency S.H.I.E.L.D in the end credits scene of Thor and the later loki stoles it and uses to bring chitauri army to inavde the earth in Avengers(2012) and then later it was secured in asgard vault by thor and we can see it last time in Thor:Ragnarok 2.THE MIND STONE: We can see mind stone primarly in Avengers(2012) in loki’s Scepter which was gifted by thanos himself to loki for chitauri invasion.Mind stone allows the user to control the minds of others.After that invasion it was stolen by HYDRA(Evil agency) agents and hands it to their scientists they condict experiments on it and uses two people as lab rats,later they becomes Scarlett witch( Wanda) and QuickSilver who joined forcs with avengers ans in Avengers:Age of ultron Mind stone was used to give life to Vision then the mind stone currently resides in the forehead of vision 3.THE REALITY STONE The reality stone grants the power to its user to manipulate matter it was shown in Thor:The dark world where angagonist of the wants to use this stone to turn everything into dark matter.Reality stone resides in a red liquid stuff called aether.In the climax of this movie reality stone fells into the hands of The collector who safeguards it. 4.THE POWER STONE The power stone gives its holder the a massive amount of energy which is almost capable of destroying a entire planet so,the holder cant hold it for a long time without dying.We can see this stone in Guardians of the galaxy where the antagonist of the films threatens to wipe out an entire race.Star lord the prime protogonist of the film and his team manages to steal it from the villain and hands it NOVA corps to safe guard it. 5.THE TIME STONE Time stone gives its user a power to control time rewind and fastforward it.In the Doctor strange stephen strange discovers it Eye of Agomoto in kamar-taj and later uses to Create a time loop where he uses it kill the antagonist dormamu.And later returns it kamar-taj the place where he resides. 6.THE SOUL STONE Now, its the million dollar question where is soul stone ans who posseses it..? Soul stone gives its user the power to control souls either dead or alive.So s per some fan theories the soul stone resides in Wakanda where T’Challa(Black panther) lives. And some fan theories states that it was with Heimdall( A key character in Thor trilogy). Finally,due to some conflicts between Tony stark and Captain america tony takes away Shield from captain america and from then Captain stays in wakanda along with bucky.As Avengers :Infinify war takes place after 2 years from civil war/Spider-man homecoming. Spider-man joins forces with Tony stark in civil war and rejects an offer to become member of Avengers in spider-man homecoming. So,thats it folks grab your tickets and experience the epic. CONTRIBUTED BY SAI PRASHANTHFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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