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Unprecedented | A Sci-Fi Web Story | Chapter 1| DPVEU presentation

The response we got for the introduction of Unprecedented was a bit unexpected and we got several requests regarding the explanation of some concepts like mirror worlds etc which will be left uncovered in the process of story telling and also many of the readers had suggested us to write a telugu version for this one but we had issues in writing the telugu version. we tried but it didn’t worked. And, if in case you didn’t read the Introduction read it here : Unprecedented Introduction

unprecedented | Chapter 1

All right, All right where shall i begin ? Why do’t we start from the beginning ?” as soon as these words came out room fell silent eagerly dying to hear my love story from my point of view. And, i started narrating my story. My usual alarm tone vexed me and woke me up at 9. i still want to go to sleep badly  as i slept at 3 this morning. And suddenly i heard a shout “jeremy” from my father that shook off my sleep and made me sit on my bed side. The room was pretty comfort and messy, with laptop and mobile by my side and oddly arranged clothes and neatly arranged novel collections of mine. I looked at my own reflection and found myself with messed up hair which didn’t suit my skinny face,band-aid on my shoulder, bruises all over left side of my forehead which were due to injury at football field a few days before. I dressed up and marched towards the common room and saw my dad going through the the newspaper. “Is this is the time you get ready on the day of your admission ?” was my mother’s question. “Still got 2 hours to show myself in the college admission centre” was my reply in weak voice stuffing the breakfast in my mouth. I want into my room and kept all the required documents for my admission in my bag. My dad started honking the horn and i entered the car and we went to university and entered the university through a big archway stating the name of the university FREDINGTON UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES in big bold letters. After a long drive inside the campus, we finally arrived at my desired building and found ourselves seats in the waiting hall. My dad wen to get an application form and returned with a booklet and gave it to me to fill it up as soon as i can. I checked the brochure regarding the courses offered and found my desired course Automobile Engineering and also selected Degree in Mechatronics as an optional course and submitted the application form. My Dad came back after 20 minutes and we both started walking towards the parking lot but taking a different route this time. I don’t know the reason why i felt like this but just those 2 hours in the university made me feel like as if I were teleported to other country or planet. || End of Chapter 1 || || Writer : Avinash Varma kanumuri || And due to some issues we were unable to continue this story series in our site : if you are interested please follow the author on wattpad & His official blog for the rest  of the series. Wattpad link : KavinashVarma And Blog Link : UnprecedentedFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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