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Unprecedented | A Sci-Fi Web Story | DPVEU presentation

First of all,the concept of body swapping was taken from films like It’s a boy girl thing, 13 going on 30,Your name.And,other concepts which were included in the story like mirror worlds and Doppelgangers were taken from the stories of DC comics universe.And,may be the other concepts in the story resembles some stories involved with existing movies or series or novels but without prior consent.

Unprecedented | Introduction

“I’m so delighted to receive this honour,i would like to thank my mentor Dr.Julian kaufman for constant motivation to achieve what i did today and my wife Raylene curtis for encouragement and each and everyone of you for supporting me. Please join us for dinner after a little while.” I said those words with my best face in my finest black tuxedo. The evening was warm and pleasant and my garden was occupied by my research colleagues,friends and their families. They were here to congratulate me for achieving Dannie Heineman award for mathemetical physics. And where ever i go that night,my colleagues just lifted their glasses and shouted my name To Jeremy, Toast to Jeremy,to the achievements of kendall and much more that were not audible. I found myself an excuse and went inside my room and thought of starting preparations for some random interviews but was surprised to see my wife and kids. They just sprinted towards me as fast as possible and the slowest one to reach was my four year old son Wylie kendall and it was dun to watch him walk with baby steps and i gave them warm kisses and said to them that i will give them or do them anything they would ask. And,immediately my daughter Gabriella kendall rocketed her hand and asked me narrate my love story and i diverted my attention towards my wife and she just nodded and then i gazed at my son and the only word he said was Dada. And as soon as i took leave from my family, I was greeted by my friends and they let me to some sort of dtage and there it all began before the press and they started asking random questions based on my work,some personal stuff and  rumours about my collaboration with other scientists and i was not able to keep track of all of them.And,finishing all of them the final interview was unexpected as it was an interview by my college friend and he flew right away from a place almost 850 miles to interview me. He just made me say all the mischievous things i had done in my teenage and nearly embarrassed me in front of the guests. But,i didn’t cared a bit as i was pleased to see him almost after 7 years and our friendship go long way back. After all the guests had finished their dinner we bid a farewell and after they gone 6 of us went straight into my house,a blue duplex that was covered in lights and balloons tied up everywhere all around the pillars. And by 6 of us i mean my family and my friend Travels mills and his wife Sandra mills. We finished our meals and then my friend signaled me to meet him outside so that he can give me a treat but i told him that i promised my family that i will narrate my love story as soon as we finish the dinner.

I would like to give away anything just to hear your story dude” was my friend’s reply in a tone of excitement. Then i signaled my wife to start the narration and immediately Gabriella reminded me that i promised that i will narrate the story and also said that she heard the story from her mother numerous number of times and adding to that my friend also reminded me that he also heard the story from my wife in her point of view during our wedding day and he insisted me to narrate my love story. “All right, All right where shall i begin ? Why do’t we start from the beginning ?” as soon as these words came out room fell silent eagerly dying to hear my love story from my point of view…….|| To Be Continued|| ||Writer : Avinash varma kanumuri || We promise you to keep updated wiht the story as soon as possible and please,do give us a feedback related to this story #Unprecedented – Team Dpveu  FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


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