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Zombie Reddy Movie Review – DPVEU

Zombie reddy review

After kalki, Prashanth varma took his time and came back with a zombie genre with a touch of comedy to make a perfect come back. Zombie reddy starring Teja sajja and Anandhi has hit screens today.

Main plot:

Mario(teja) is a game developer, to get a few bugs fixed by his friend hemanth he lands in a small town of kurnool . As film proceeds they begin to face some weird and spooky situations in village. Except for few people in village all others turn into zombies. How did this happen? Did mario and his team solve this problem? Watch out on the big screen.


Prashanth varma needs a special mention for introducing zombie genre in TFI. Story is good and simple. Execution of story is also good but what we felt unnecessary is drag of faction dropback in first half. However flms picks up its pace from pre-interval and screenplay of second half is very good when compared to first half. Teja was good in his role he has ability to carry the films on his own shoulders.
Heroine Anandi played her role perfectly. Hemanth and getup seenu roles need an applause

Camera work and makeup department were fabulous. Mark R Robin’s bgm is impressive. Dialogues were funny and able to generate laughs.


• The new concept of Zombie
• Camera, art work and music
• Crispy run time
• Performance from getup srinu


• A little lag in First half
• Less spooky and horror

Final verdict:

Zombie Reddy is a good film with mixture of zombies, laughs and thrill. Bear a few scenes of first half you can thoroughly enjoy the rest of the movie. Finally this is a good film and you can watch it in theaters to get experience of new genre in telugu.

Rating: 2.75/5

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